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BookStore Discovery
Do you need to sample your book or journal content online to give your potential customers a taste of your content?

BookStore Discovery
widens publishers' marketing reach, increases book sales, generates interest and allows book content to be discovered by a broader audience. Readers can not only browse through book content online, they can also search for terms inside the book.

BookStore Discovery is a digital tool that allows readers to replicate the bookstore browsing experience online...

"Have you ever found a book online about your favorite subject, but didn’t buy it right then because you weren’t sure what was inside?  How many more people do you think would buy your book if they could look inside and make a decision to buy on the spot?"
Atilla Vekony, Wheatmark

BookStore Discovery gives publishers full control over how much of their content is available to browse through online. It integrates seamlessly into our clients existing websites and allows them to retain their current shipping cart and payment process.

The BookStore Discovery Widget is a viral marketing tool that allows anyone to place browsable book content on social networking sites and blogs, broadening publishers’ potential marketing audience even further. Again, the publisher has full control over the content made available.

“The younger generations are consuming information in a different way. They may not necessarily be going into bookshops. They are spending time on Google, MySpace, Facebook, author Websites, Yahoo and MSN.”
Brian Murray, Group President, HarperCollins

Benefits of BookStore Discovery:
Browse inside: Readers have the freedom to browse through a book's content as they would in a physical bookstore.

Increase sales: Research shows that books offering a 'browse inside' functionality see a 10% uplift in sales compared with books that do not have 'browse inside' available.
Viral Marketing: Our BookStore DiscoveryWidget pushes book content out to social networking sites and blogs globally.

Easy to install: Installation of BookStore Discovery is a quick and easy process.

Low-cost: BookStore Discovery is a cost effective option to enter the digital world.
We work with a diverse range of leading publishing companies from all over the world.

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